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Tuesday Tech Links 8.5.14

Posted in Insights — August 5, 2014

Our dev team’s weekly recurring links to resources and techy stuff that puts some geek in your week!

The second edition of Eloquent JavaScript has appeared in digital form! Paper is for suckers but I guess there will be a printed edition soon anyway.

Air BnB has made public their approach to JavaScript, which they describe as “mostly reasonable”. It’s well-organized at least!

Filament Group has ideas about Responsive Web Design that’s fast as “heck”. Frankly, I do give a darn about fast RWD so I’ll be paying attention.

Do you need role models for non-jankiness?

Dave Rupert pens a follow-up to his article about RWD bloat, explaining how he optimized his own site to avoid sluggishness.

USPS FTW! It’s some fancy new materials from our friends at the Postal Service.

When you adjust CSS, what’s really happening? If you’re Neil Degrasse-Tyson you can just shrink your spaceship to the size of an electron and watch everything at the atomic level. Otherwise, you can use this tool.

Everybody loves SVG animations! We don’t find a ton of use for text following a wacky path but maybe someday we’ll get a bit whimsical and want to do this

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