A FINE Partnership: Portland Code School

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"The Portland Code School (PCS) is an intensive 12-week course focused on teaching the essential skills necessary to begin working as a junior programmer upon graduation. Our students are smart, creative, passionate, super-rad people who want to learn code and jump-start a career in web development." - from the PCS website.

PCS is an exceptional local education program because, for the most part, higher education choices for web developers don't really hit the mark. Your options are "multimedia" which is very broad and encompasses other industries, or a 4-year generalized Computer Science degree that only touches on Web development.

PCS, on the other hand, narrows the focus of the curriculum and covers both Web AND programming.

That's why FINE's joined the PCS employer network to engage students through various events and provide feedback to PCS on the types of skills we look for in a developer. At the Tour & Talk on Thursday, August 8, PCS students will come and check out our space, listen to a panel of FINE developers speak, ask questions, and perhaps let us beat them at ping pong.

[[]](http://blog.finedesigngroup.com/2013/08/a-fine-partnership-with-portland-code-school/portland-code-school-5/ "")



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