Fae: The Planet Argon Interview

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Like any self-respecting superhero, Fae has an origin story. FINE Director of Technology James Kurczodyna spoke with Planet Argon to share the thinking and inspiration behind the open-source CMS used to build so many FINE sites.

The short story: after working with various CMSs for over a decade, FINE created its own monster, named it Fae, and open-sourced it.

Built on Rails scaffolding and a collection of libraries and assets, it allows us to easily set up a custom CMS that reflects all the time we invest to understand our client's data model and content management strategy. We have the freedom to build a data model specifically around an organization, instead of fitting their data model into an existing system. This makes the experience for the content management team as efficient as possible.

Open sourcing Fae was a great decision. Knowing the codebase is open forces us to maintain our security-first mentality while keeping a clear scope of what the project should be.

Fae was built to get you off the ground fast. You'll have a functional, full-featured CMS after running a couple of generator commands. What makes Fae different is the ability to customize and scale once you're already off the ground.

Read the full Q&A and more at Planet Argon.

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