20 FINE Slides: What to Wear to a Web Dev Interview

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Job interviews pose a unique challenge for web developers. That is, normally acceptable interview attire often conflicts with the stereotypical images we associate with developers and techies of all types. Should you appear buttoned-up and imminently employable, or are they looking for the next of the rebel tech geniuses poised to reinvent the Internet while earning only a market-rate salary? After all, the technology culture practically invented the idea of dressing down, and it's probably most responsible for the dwindling examples of required business attire.

There’s no easy answer. Your clothes will tell the story, and knowing the setting will help. From the slickster agency to the slave-driving startup and everything in-between, you can look for cues to tailor your style to the company you want. Or don’t. Either way, this little slideshow can help.

[slideshare id=38159086&doc=whattowear1-140820000529-phpapp01]

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