Resolutionize The Web

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The mysteries of pixel widths and screen resolutions have baffled Interweb designers, developers, and mere mortals for years. The simple truth is that what you see in a window may not be what others see unless you change your resolution and look again. And again. Unless! Introducing the FINE Res Tool.

This simple screen resolution tool unravels the mystery. To use it, simply enter a full URL of your choosing. Up pops that location superimposed with a draggable set of rulers (x and y axis) configurable in center/left/and right alignment. These rulers allow you to view that site as it would be seen at different resolutions. So you can get a sense for what other eyeballs experience. A small dashboard at the bottom even gives you current stats on what resolutions most people use (hint: 1024 x 768). Best of all, it's all done in javascript, so you'll not need Flash to use it.

Maybe you want to check the margin padding on a site... the default image dimensions on a blog... maybe you want to communicate that you want something smaller to your web team or agency - how much smaller? Now you can see clearly where the lines are drawn, and even communicate in pixels instead of an estimated percentage - the language barrier is broken, the resolution mystery is solved. And a democratized method of measure is now available to all, from the pro developer to the savvy client.


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