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Tuesday Tech Links 7.29.14

Posted in Insights — July 29, 2014

Our dev team’s weekly recurring links to resources and techy stuff that puts some geek in your week!

It’s beer festival season here in Portland! As a result, we very carefully checked each of these tech links to make sure the sites in question weren’t just alcohol-fueled delusions: click with confidence, as we like to say.

Mark Otto doesn’t publish posts all the time, but when he does, he publishes epic posts about GitHub’s CSS codebase. Super awesome and interesting read for anybody curious about CSS, github, or excellent content organization.

AND IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG FOR THE COPYCATS TO… Oops– I forgot that posting things on the Internet often results in irrational outbursts and stupid behavior. What actually happened here is that Ian Feather was inspired by Mark Otto and wrote a similar post about Lonely Planet’s CSS. Sounds like both these fellows were lucky enough to have SASS up and running by the time they arrived on the scene. UNLIKE SOME OF US WHO HAD TO– Oops.

Here’s an article on Responsive Web Design (*cough* and development *cough*) by Brian Krall that’s right up my alley– an alley that leads right to my street, LoadMore BetterFast Ln.

Here’s an article that’s similar to Brian’s but includes more metrics and hard numbers: Dave Rupert wants to really figure out just how much RWD is to blame for poor performance on the web.

What’s cool about a browser built in JS? Pretty much everything!

OK so to me, turning a spreadsheet into an API sounds like some black magic. The kind of stuff where you usually want to say “as long as it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands” at some point. But I guess these cool kats over at sheetlabs are way more brave than me.

Round here, we like games. Games on the interwebs. We may even be making our own someday soon. So we love stuff like Thomas Palef’s “12 Games in 12 Weeks” post, all about making JS games real fast and real simple, which is smrat, real smrat!

Speaking of JS games, here’s CreateJS! It’s got tons of libraries you can use. The only issue is it’s sponsored by both Adobe and Microsoft so… y’know, maybe don’t expect the most optimized code you’ve ever seen. I’m just saying.

It’s Wireshark! Are you curious about what’s being transferred on your network or by your app? Run all your requests through Wireshark and get yourself a real clear picture.

Sometimes you just want a nice, 10,000ft view of your CSS. What’s your CSS up to? How many times did you use that naughty “!important” keyword? How many different colors are you calling? StyleStats is a pretty sweet little tool to help answer these questions.

Ooooh, and now here’s a real smooth one from Todd Motto for all the lovers out there. Go ahead, pull your laptop a little closer for this article baby. You’re gonna feel the HEAT as Todd explains with unmasked eroticism the relative processing power required for if/then and switch statments in JavaScript. Steamy!

Webpack: Packs CommonJs/AMD modules for the browser. Allows to split your codebase into multiple bundles, which can be loaded on demand. That’s not very funny.

LazoJS: it’s an MVC framework built on Node.JS! By Walmart! And like actual Wal-Marts, it’s totally fine if you want to bust into this thing wearing nothing but your loose-hanging, ratty old sweatpants and a super low cut t-shirt that pretty much shows all your boobs.

We’ve been enjoying some API testing tools lately. The latest to cross our path: Stoplight! I haven’t used it yet but I can tell you: it’s got a colorful and animate-y website.

If you’re at all interested in SVGs, The New York Times Editorial Board, prohibition, crazy JavaScript animations, The United States, legalization of marijuana, racism, advanced fancy scrolling techniques, flags or humorous alliances between stuffiness and scruffiness then you’re going to love… Wait, what were we talking about?

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