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Tuesday Tech Links 7.15.14

Posted in Insights — July 15, 2014

Our dev team’s weekly recurring links to resources and techy stuff that puts some geek in your week!

As with any great Google I/O, the Mountain View company threw down a new programming trick that is completely foreign today but very relevant tomorrow (albeit with at least one backfire). The Polymer Project is a layman’s introduction to Web Components, making the spec much more approachable. I’d get all hot and red in the face if I tried to stumble through a definition, but at first blush, this has a lot of potential.

Bonus! It’s no QuizUp, but, damn, Material looks fresh.

Scourge of 9-keys and CSS layers everywhere, the z-index property is one of those essentials we love to hate. Even Firefox’s fancy 3D blocks can’t make stacking sensible. But not even the wildest horse can remain untamed – using a clever function and some shorthand arrays, good ol’ SCSS comes to the rescue.

How do you migrate 20 billion photos between 200 million users without a hiccup? Seriously. How do you do that?

And just for giggles, a deck of cards with 13 programming languages denoting suit and name: a perfect Christmas-in-July stocking stuffer for the developer in your life.


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