Tech Links 8-24-14 | CSS Data Attributes, Shameless Coding & More
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Tech Links 8.28.14

Posted in Insights — August 28, 2014

Our dev team’s weekly recurring links to resources and techy stuff that puts some geek in your week!

If your goal in life was to make it to late August 2014, congratulations, you’re done!!!  You can relax.

…The rest of you should read and follow all these tech links.

No matter how flexible you design your CSS, eventually some requirement is going to come along that ruins all your well-laid plans.  That’s a FACT!  Chris Coyier has penned a nice roundup of the options available to devs struggling with this type of design breakdown: his data-attribute idea is one I’d never thought of and somehow I kinda like it…

Rack afficianados take note: we may be nearing the end of an era. James Tucker is stepping down as maintainer of Rack according to this forum post and this gist.  raggi’s departure leaves Rack somewhat in limbo until we hear from Aaron Patterson about his plans…  So maybe we’re nearing the end, or maybe we’re just starting into a new development cycle, we’ll have to wait and see.

A clever person at Oracle thought they’d figured out a way to make hundreds of millions of dollars by failing to produce a working website– “living the dream”, in web dev parlance. Unfortunately that person seems to have been mistaken, if the lawsuit filed by Oregon’s Attorney General is any indication.

Jack Hoy was kicking it with Sandi Metz recently, if you didn’t know.  Sandi taught him some things involving a combination of “99 Bottles of Beer” and a philosophy of starting development with “shameless” coding.  Awesome.  Sandi Metz is awesome.

We’ve been having many discussions about how to standardize our SCSS lately; built-to-scale rapid prototype library Susy caught our eyes because it seems to directly address several of our conversation topics.  We’re not moving into using Susy by default yet but one of our devs is preeeeetty pumped about it and can’t stop learning more.

HTTPShaming is a website that publicly shames other websites for not encrypting their traffic.  It’s quite eye-opening and less sensationalized than one might assume…

Opera’s Yoav Weiss has written a comprehensive article about the current state of responsive images, including the history that got us here.  It’s a must-read for front-end web dev professionals, and I’m not just saying that because I absolutely love comprehensive articles about the current state of responsive images.

In a world full of shameless self-promotion, everybody should follow this link about what to wear to a web dev job interview and look through the slideshare.  It’s funny, it’s got graphics, it’s literally everything you could ever need for anything.


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