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Oh my, is that the banana guy?!?! I love him!

- A guest at the FINE open house fangirling over Clint

I love a good dashboard!

- Erin

Jason Fine, man. I sneezed and he built a site.

- Sonja

Burritos and pot go together like peanut butter and jelly.

- Ally

We're going to pare the pair of pears.

- Emily (having fun with homophones)


+122.35%Average Session Duration

+83.66%More Pages per Session

+34.79%Improved Bounce Rate

Wedges, right?! Best thing ever!

- Amanda

So...you're asking me to Google Google?

- Josh Kelly

I was like, "What do I do if I can't bundle install?!"

- Tim

I'm not driving...I can eat as many pieces of pizza as I want.

- Allyson

Aw, I had bad shadows!

- Matthew

It's always avocado season at the grocery store!

- Allyson