Design Rush: The Steve Fine Interview

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When Design Rush approached us to do an interview about our POV on “digital branding”, we had one question: where can we start and how long can we go?

Because no matter how you qualify brand, whether you’re reaching people online or off, B2B or B2C, you ultimately need to answer all the same core questions at the heart of who you are and what you offer as a company.

The digital world is distracting to people, whether they’re wearing their brand marketer hats or their consumer perspective. In particular, shiny solutions and miracle-cure tech platforms can take your eyes off the prize: businesses have a need to connect humans.

To do that in a world of short attention span theater, they have to know why they’re in business. They have to know what’s unique about how they deliver an experience. And then, putting the horse squarely in front of the cart, choose or create tools that best do the job.

Digital is just one piece of a methodical approach to examining how Paid, Earned, Owned touch points can be orchestrated to deliver an integrated experience. You have little time, attention, and opportunity to reach people today—so it’s about never wasting the click, the glance, or the touch point. It’s why we have the Brand-Led Business BuildingⓇ model to guide us.

We’ve long promoted the idea that your brand needs to be “pully” not pushy. What that means is focusing on people, not demographics. Driving experience, not just sales. Finding engaging ways to visually, experientially, and personally engage, connect and fulfill. More than driving a single transaction, it’s everything that happens before and after a transaction or interaction that generates word-of-mouth, meaningful connection, loyal fans, and brand gravity.

For the wide-ranging deep dive, click on over to Design Rush and read the Steve Fine interview. >>

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