Spectrum Equity logo on glass

Spectrum Equity

Spectrum Equity invests in market leaders across the information economy. The body of their work tells their entire story. We crafted an experience showing just that.

Quiet Confidence of Shared Success

Spectrum Equity’s new digital home's minimal aesthetic and interaction of the website makes way for Spectrum’s value to speak for itself, simply and clearly. The story’s reinforced with small details of interaction and user experience like elegant fade-in transitions that reveal key information (portfolio company tiles, news headlines, etc.) in a cascading effect.

Thoughtfully Responsive

The fully responsive website also serves as a proof point to Spectrum’s technology awareness. Above all, the site elevates the firm’s Team and Portfolio as the pivotal basis for new relationships. Both adopt a tile-based, visually slick design on the front-end, with behind-the-scenes CMS connections that link team members to their partner investments and news, and vice versa.

"We continue to get high praise on the new site. Traffic is way up. And the mobile is a real hit. Thanks, FINE, for the hard work." Ronan Cunningham, Managing Director