Last Chance (to Work with Actual Humans)

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The robots are coming. It’s all over the news.

That’s why, for our 30th anniversary, we’ve got a special “Last Chance” offer for you.

Here’s the deal: sign with FINE this year, and we guarantee to put humans on the job.

We promise you’ll work with people. People creating things for other people. You’ll get the famed FINE process where “together we march toward completion, dance to innovation, and stomp on stagnation.” Because there’s still no app for marchin’, dancin’, and stompin’!

We hear a lot of companies are already just plugging “make me a brand” or “launch me a website” or “do the entire job for which I’m supposedly paid” into a generative AI app and out pops instant work product beep boop grzee zzrt kraangdlly glink!

Not us!

Sure, we’ve been known to plug a task or two into the AI machine where it helps. But FINE folks (all real people!) still do the creative heavy lifting and the hard strategic labor. And the light and soft human interacting, too.

Is this your last chance to get some of that?

Think about how often a company (re)brands itself. Re-imagines the customer’s experience. Re-envisions their digital presence. Compare the cycles of these big brand initiatives against the pace of generative AI versions and you realize that the next substantial thing you do may be your last opportunity to work with actual humans to figure out the best ways for your business to attract, well, actual humans.

Does that even make sense? Do people want to consume what AI creates? Is collaboration an endangered species? Will AI2C replace B2C and B2B? Or is it all just H2H with different stuff in between the two Human bookends? Who knows!

We do know this: some of our best friends are human. The rest are dogs.

So even if this doesn’t turn out to be a real “Last Chance, Act Now Before the Robots Take Over” deal, we know for certain that working with real humans has been a mutual “gift with purchase” promotion for the past 30 years—and counting.

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