Monterey Jazz Festival

The legacy of Monterey Jazz invites a continued identity evolution with each new year. For their 67th annual festival, a grander change was in order as the MJF team ushered in its new Artistic Director, Darin Atwater, whose vision for the festival aimed for a bolder, wider impact. Simultaneously drawing focus to a more clear set of attributes to entice prospective attendees, along with their support of education within music, the goal was for the branding to have a contemporary appeal that draws in a more diverse audience globally, while paying homage to the iconic performers of the past through improvisation-inspired sketches and handcrafted typographic accents.

Monterey Jazz Festival Entrance Mockup
Monterey Jazz Festival Shortform

" The Monterey Jazz team feels so fortunate and grateful to join forces with the FINE team. As an iconic nonprofit brand and the world’s most recognized jazz festival for 67 years, we have very high standards to maintain. This year, we wanted to bring fresh creative energy into the festival identity, which changes annually and drives all marketing, event and merchandise programs. We interviewed several agencies…and then we found FINE! The level of support and collaboration we feel from our dedicated team is truly something. Their work is visually stunning, creative, strategic and on-brand. From our board of directors to our headlining artists, this year’s festival identity is beloved. My sincere thanks to this talented group of individuals who bring it every time for our small but mighty organization. A bonus is how genuinely nice they are! " — Joy Wiseblood, Marketing Director