We’ve done 10,000+ projects across 30+ years for 400+ clients around the world. So if it shows up here as featured work, it’s one of the ones that truly elevated an icon, defined an archetype, reframed a sector, pioneered an industry. Above all, it had the kind of impact that makes you think, “that’s gonna leave a mark.”

Let's Make Big Happen Together

Brand Revolution For a Hospitality Pioneer

Kimpton Hotels

Francis Ford Coppola Websites

Staging the Full Cast of Coppola Brands

The Coppola Companies

From start-ups reshaping markets to Fortune 500s reinventing themselves, we’ve helped countless brands make big happen. Definitions of big may vary, but it always means your company becomes the best version of itself behind audacious goals like these:

Be An Industry Archetype

Get that feeling when you look around at your direct and extended competitive set and feel absolutely certain there’s really no competition.

Transform Your Brand

Completely reimagine your brand to not only catch up to the company you’ve evolved into, but to give you great things to live up to next.

Start a Revolution

Be a startup or, better yet, an upstart. Refuse the constraints of category, industry, or expectation and make it your mission to shake it all up.

Unify & Inspire Stakeholders

Lead the internal rally cry with your most important audiences, finding, keeping, motivating staff and stakeholders–the keepers of your brand promises

Drive Calls to Action

Go to market and turn into ideas into actions, measurably luring new followers, fans, and sales as first steps that form avid customer relationships

Win Awards & Acclaim

Earn accolades for work that puts the quality of all you do in its best light–stamps of approval for your vertical industry and your horizontal impact alike.

The extended featured work roster spotlights projects that changed the trajectory of FINE and clients alike, demonstrating new capabilities, and flexing new industry expertise. From groundbreaking technology platforms to sector-specific claims to fame, each earns featured status in its own right.