Burdick's famous handcrafted chocolate mice

L.A. Burdick Chocolates

L.A. Burdick Chocolates began with a singular vision – to introduce true chocolate craft to an American market accustomed mostly to mass-produced candy. Decades later, a new FINE brand platform clarification, look and feel, web design, content/product strategy, commerce technology, and catalog design enlivens Burdick’s real craftsmanship, and shares the joy in artisanal excellence with a new generation of chocolate lovers.

Visual Ode To Joy

The core imagery and visual approach transcends the site to establish a true brand look and feel and inform many design elements to follow. Their signature chocolate mouse, in all its flavors, embodies meticulous detail in craft and the sense of playful joy all rolled into one, then extended to all their product photography and beyond.

Real Digital Craftsmanship

A careful exercise of organizing product content connects to architecting navigation and commerce categories. This attention to information detail enables a minimal design with distinctive product tiles and a seamless shopping experience, even into product customization and effective SEO. In all, the artisan approach to digital reflects the thoughtful approach Burdick takes with their chocolate.

Expanding Burdick's Chocolate World

What begins on the site and store continues offline. The Burdick Café section features menus and highlights for those looking to experience the brand in person. A catalog design extends the look and feel of the site. And a bon bon glossary makes experts of us all. The world of Burdick Chocolate takes shape across across desktop, tablet, and mobile and anywhere chocolate can enliven your life.