The Mare Island Company

In the center of San Francisco Bay, the historic Mare Island is one of the great placemaking endeavors of our time. Its potential calls for a multi-decade collaboration led by the island’s stewards, Mare Island Company. The company’s brand purpose, values, messages, and visuals galvanize the island, merging nature, industry, and innovation to build a new community on common ground.

Portal to Potential

Echoing the shapes from Mare Island’s signature Causeway Bridge, the visual identity is a portal into the island’s nature, community, and innovation (or, if you like, its past, present, and future). A clean, modern serif and letterforms stack distinctively against a contemporary color palette, fusing the island’s storied past with its budding potential.

Crafted with Continuity

The brand platform and messaging hinges on the sum of the island's assets—its history, nature, and architecture—and all the intangible character values that have propelled it through the generations. This identity is further galvanized through its expression across digital, social, and print, local signage, and swag. Continuity between the island's past and present helps build common ground among businesses, residents, investors, and visitors alike as the future takes shape.