Techtonic Stationery Collateral

Tectonic Network

Imagine creating complete digital models of complex buildings and their systems so detailed that they could generate estimates of the cost to build and maintain it.

One of the more innovative companies to emerge from CAD technology, Tectonic launched into the BIM (Building Information Management) segment with the promise to shake up the construction and construction management industries.

Comprehensive Brand Development

FINE provided comprehensive brand development for Tectonic, from the initial audience segmentation through design and into all manner of print and online communication.

Dynamic Ever-Changing Identity

The Tectonic logo conceptually evoked the core modular nature of BIM technology. Logo sections were functionally mutable, creating a logo that was both always recognizable and rarely identical. Online, the logo lent personality to Tectonic by providing interactivity that allowed the users to configure it, a bit like a Rubik’s cube, into unique shapes.

Content Strategy + Communication Tools

Business forms and stationery demonstrated the flexibility of the logo by using multiple instances of its form to create a highly graphic and recognizable system.

Due to the complexity of its products and services, print and Web tools highlighted carefully-crafted vignettes that communicated the core benefits provided by Tectonic. Each brought to life a first-person profile of a user solving their major pain points.

Armed with its technology and the brand that supported it, Tectonic made a grand entrance into the market and was quickly acquired and integrated into a larger offering.