Nelson Global

Since 1939, Nelson Global has been the engineering and manufacturing force behind leading brands in essential industries in the United States and eventually, the world. As a new era of environmental focus unfolds, Nelson is more relevant than ever, delivering innovative solutions that help companies, and the planet, thrive. A striking new brand identity system, strong messaging, and a revolutionized digital presence capture and solidify Nelson’s future-facing position as global partners to move you forward.

Branding a Global Partner

Subtle as it may be, the shift from Nelson Global Products to Nelson Global is powerful, a reflection of the company’s status as a partner helping companies navigate far more than just product manufacturing. From there, Nelson’s brand ethos is underpinned by a core identity that represents the intersection of their strengths: unique value-added manufacturing, a truly global network, and cutting-edge engineering sciences.

Overview look at Nelson Global brand guidelines.

The Path to a Better World, Illustrated

An engineering-inspired visual system drives Nelson’s digital presence, with iconography that builds on the logo’s design language to further express Nelson’s forward-thinking values and capabilities, from environmental responsibility to loyal partnership. Animated segments throughout the site are seamless and engaging, inviting interaction with key processes and differentiators for a user experience that mirrors the company’s drive to shape a dynamic future.

A Digital Demonstration of the Nelson Story

A completely new digital presence called for a comprehensive re-architecting of content from the ground up to better show and tell the Nelson story. Extensive copywriting brought life to the company’s vast industry expertise and partner-focused success stories. Fluid site dynamics, compelling visuals, and messaging demonstrate Nelson's position as a sophisticated global leader, appealing to current and future partners, team members, and investors alike.

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We’re thrilled to have a new brand identity and digital presence that conveys the innovation and global impact the Nelson team makes possible.

— Steve Scgalski, CEO