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Summer Fridays: Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Posted in Play — August 15, 2014


We all need to take a short trip back to our childhood every now and again. What better way than by flying a kite?!

All you need is a kite, a little bit of wind, and the kid within you.

Whether at the beach or at a park, flying a kite can take on many facets.  You can get a cute whale shaped kite and bury your string in the sand then sit back to watch it float in the wind.  Or, if you’ve got a need for speed, you might need to invest a bit more cash to bring home a “fighter kite”.  You’ll be able to pull stunts and tricks with this type of kite, but beware, you’ll need to dig your heels in the sand and lean back to fly it.  It would be embarrassing to, you know, let the kite fly you. Whichever type of kite you choose to fly, it’s a great activity for the whole family on a summer day.

Tips For a Successful Liftoff:

1. We’ve all seen it – someone running along with a kite in looking back at it, all too suddenly stopped when he/she runs into a tree or pole.  Avoid this by either picking a wide open space to fly your kite, or grab a buddy.  Have your buddy hold the kite about 80 feet downwind. When the buddy’s ready, have your friend lightly push the kite up into the air while you pull back slightly on the strings.  If all goes well, you’ll be flying high in seconds.

2. If you’ve got a little ones, who want to fly the kite, have them stand with their backs to the wind. With the line only out about a foot, let them test how it feels to have the wind take some control. When they’ve got the hang of it, have them start letting out the line, and let it fly.

3. It’s always a good idea to check and see if your kite came with any directions.  Sometimes those little guys can’t handle a crazy wind force.

If you live in one of our FINE cities, check out these amazing kite festivals:

Lincoln City Kite Festival

Berkeley Kite Festival

Great Lakes Kite Festival


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