A Wondrous Video Preview of FINE's Design Week Open House

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We ask simple questions every day, like, “How should we promote FINE's Design Week Portland open house?” and “What do we do with all these bananas?”. We challenge ourselves to prove people who make-believe are more real.

We want people to see inside the global home of the Bring Friends credo. Where designers, developers, and producers play nice with great brands in tech, wine, finance, travel, and beyond to forge a shimmering collaboration of individuality and personality. We think you’ll find—apart from the dry ice, baby goat, bubble gum, sparkly lumberjack, banana phones, free-flowing sparkling wine, and staring directly into camera swagatude—that we’re just simple folk committed to our craft.


FINE Open House, April 26th, 4 - 7 p.m., 1140 SW 11th, 2nd floor. Portland, OR

Director of Photography: James Hill
Art Director: Patrick Sanders
Assistant Producer: Clint Brauner
Wardrobe, Casting, Hair/Makeup: Emily Griffith
Marketing Director & Producer: Clay Walsh
Production Assistant: Chris Mann

Bring Friends.


Silver in the W3 Awards (for Promotional/Branding for Video)
Bronze in the Creativity Media & Interactive Design Awards

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