FINE Retreat 5x5s: Walk 5 Minutes In Our Brains

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You can’t come to our annual retreat. But we can invite you to glimpse the kind of content we share to inspire creative problem-solving all year long.

This year, small teams of collaborators — cross sections of designers, strategists, project directors, business-y types, developers — shared a practical or personal perspective on their work using 5 slides in 5 minutes. And as many GIFs as can be squeezed in without breaking the format.

Though you’ll only get a tease, perhaps sharing these admittedly random topics, takeaways, and images from our 5x5 sessions will inspire you, as it did us.

Welcome to our brains. Do not be afraid; you’re among friends.

Building a Strong Bridge Between Strategy + Design

Move through creation without losing in translation.

two tightrope walkers on parallel ropes holding hands while performing backflips


Mobile-First, Organic Social is Dead, Bravebold Content, Users Love Lists, Generation Z.


Life Lessons from Outlander

Never rule out the impossible, opportunity in strange places, profanity helps.

medieval audience throws rocks at dancing performer on stage


Past, Present, Future

Remember feeling awesome, be awesome now, and – voila! – someday you will be awesome.

Carin and Melisa on stage at a Rodrigo y Gabriela concert


Fitness Tips & Beyond

The question is how to optimize yourself. The answer is always movement.

Toddler aged Olsen twin giving two thumbs up with caption "I am pumped!"


How to Get Out of Doing Stuff. Or, Stages of Avoidance

Insidiously funny, yet patently useful information for the information age.

exaggerated coughing into tiny plastic hand

All Together Now

Dance like no one’s watching, but then if you find out they’re watching make them dance, too. Or at least clap. Make them clap.

Top 4 Things You Do Not Want to Hear the Morning After the Company Retreat

Possibly not other mornings, either.

anchorman screenshot with caption "I immediately regret this decision"

Structuring Content for Diverse Digestion

Above the fold/schamabove the schmold: skimming, diving, mastering.

iceberg shown above and below water

Password Managers Will Save Your Life

What are they, why use one, downsides, shop, and compare.

Tips for Working Remotely

From isolation and inertia, to productivity and connection.

baby playing in sandbox next to an open laptop on the floor

What We Learned From Video Games

There’s a big book on how you should learn from games, not big books.

video gamer sobbing hysterically while using controller frantically

Lessons Learned while Road Tripping

Know where you’re going but not too exactly.

fashionable traveler gesturing to overflowing cart of pink and purple luggage with caption "packing the essentials"

What’s in a Brand Name?

They’re super important, and require obsessive compulsiveness.

eminem holding up pointer finger with caption "you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow this, opportunity comes once in a lifetime

Beyond Traditional Wireframes

Low fidelity, high fidelity, all kinds of fidelities, really.

rough sketch of chutes and ladders

What Clients Say vs. What Clients Mean

Sometimes it’s you; sometimes it’s them. Always, it’s us.

child driving a motorized toy car and running over another child

Movies We Cannot Un-Recommend Highly Enough

Two of our worst favorites, and what makes them so awful great.

muscular fitness enthusiasts doing highly a performative bicep workout against the grill of an old truck

5 Lessons from Dungeon Crawling

Team balance, kicking down doors, challenges, treasures.

dungeons and dragons art

Fae 2.0 is Coming

It’s easily 1.0 better than the last one.

Image result for confetti emoji

Launch Day 101

It’s scary. Yet exciting. It’s scareciting! Let’s break down what has to happen on that fateful day.


Everybody has a story.

Photo of Jim Carey's face torn in half


Everybody has a journey.

shameful dog next to spilled trash bag

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief journey through our minds. You’re welcome. And sorry.


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