FINE Sign: It Speaks To You

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The sign in the lobby of our Portland office speaks to you. Or tries. For those who stop and listen to the whispering background type, it's a big sloppy, passionate, run-on sentence that goes a little something like you see above... or read on for the text version...

…it looks like you’re the type of person who stops and actually reads the fine print, which means maybe you pay attention to detail, that you seek things that are creative, subversive, clever, tech-savvy, strategic – put simply, you just appreciate stuff that has something (anything!) going for it, because you know that a whisper can be louder than a shout, and you also know that the world is overrun with companies and causes and people and places all trying to use designs, words, images, impressions and all manner of claptrap to make noise, get attention, sell you something, stop you in your tracks, and no one has much time for it, so that in order to have any shred of a chance to make your pitch you’re going to need to find some people who demonstrate a true intention to create something that connects you, your brand, your story with the people who want to hear it and just hope (trust!) that it makes an impression when you do make that extra effort, if you do manage to shed the tired clichés of whatever industry you work in, if you do have the courage to do something focused only on making your customers totally smitten with you, instead of worrying more about what the pundits might say at the annual trade show, and while your ability to do all that may well revolve around your command of the medium where brands are made today – the digital realm of websites and mobile sites and applications and search engines and user experience and the art of the database or the inspiration of design – you know that it’s a little bit funny to claim that since this old-fashioned sign got your attention without using a single pixel or line of code, perhaps an indication that while you need to have a digital vocabulary right about now, digital’s also making it pretty easy to clutter up the world with a quantity (not always a quality) of communication, so a good ol’ fashioned creative sensibility, a dash of humor, and people on your side who are committed to helping you find answers others may overlook, well, that will translate well wherever you need to go from here, so it’s good to know that it looks like you’re the type of person who stops and actually reads the fine print…


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