Microscope imaging of lung tissue captured using Lumencor's SPECTRA X Light Engine


The leader in sustainable light-engine technology, Lumencor develops hardware for advanced clinical, scientific, and industrial applications. With strategy and messaging underscoring the real-life impact of these products, a modern brand identity reflecting high-tech innovation, and a new website design for driving awareness, traffic, and conversion—a comprehensive repositioning empowers Lumencor to take the global stage.

From Strategy to Design System

The first task was to clarify Lumencor’s positioning, elevating the brand promise from commodity light-based tools to advancing insight—reflecting Lumencor’s purpose and impact. Rooted in this strategy, FINE developed a fresh identity and visual language, and translated it across marketing, sales, social and event collateral.

While imagery shows the abstract beauty that Lumencor light and optic products reveal, the brand’s new logomark, clean type, and vivid palette put the benefit of precision color front and center. With a robust design system that works across digital and collateral, Lumencor presents as consistent and reliable as their technology.

after before
Angled view of Lumencor business cards
Presentation samlpe
Lumencor brand books
Sample pages from Lumencor brand guide
Sample exhibit booth for Lumencor tradeshows
Example brochure pages with microscopy imagery

Building Relatability Through Digital

Serving an ever-expanding customer base beyond clinical/life-sciences into high-tech industrial manufacturing and more, the new Lumencor website becomes a vehicle for resonance, expanding the brand’s message and appeal. With “Custom Solutions” and “Industry Applications” pages in the top-level navigation, the new website communicates the innovative breadth of Lumencor’s microscope lighting systems, while seamlessly connecting users to the best-fit destination.

Customers see their own dedication reflected back in Lumencor’s meticulous attention to detail. Meanwhile, content highlighting Lumencor’s sustainable virtues—like durability, sustainability, performance and mercury-free manufacturing—distinguishes the brand as preferred and peerless.

after before
Sample mobile screens of Lumencor's website - Product pages and navigation
Click through of the Products on Lumencor's website
Sampling of pages from the new Lumencor website

From vision to execution, the new brand presence shines a spotlight on Lumencor’s distinct power and promise. By distancing the brand from a sea of general competitors, Lumencor is able to appeal to a new wave of customers working to illuminate humanity’s challenges and opportunities.