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It was a brand launch 23 years in the making. An early leader in patient affordability, TrialCard continuously grew, innovated and evolved into an integrated commercialization partner equipped to help life sciences enhance patient lives across the entire value chain. A comprehensive rebrand initiative culminated on a launch day when staff and customers alike met the industry-leading brand they’d all built together: Mercalis.

An End-to-End Rebrand

A brand that promises to “navigate complexity and accelerate value" end-to-end required an all-encompassing approach to impart simplicity, expertise, and innovation. Across all visual and verbal touch points, the new Mercalis name, brand identity, animations, website, trade show presence, collateral, digital marketing, and integrated launch communications re-center the brand around enhancing both patient lives and life science company bottom lines.

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Business Evolution to Brand Transformation

Decades of growth, diversification, and industry change put the TrialCard brand behind the company’s own curve. A strategically-driven FINE naming initiative led to Mercalis, Latin shorthand for “commercializing life sciences”. The strikingly modern brand identity symbolizes range of capabilities with spectrum of color, and the mark’s defining “Foundational Line” visual element below the “M” letterform represents an integrated platform supporting companies end-to-end, as well as a suggestion of partnership. It’s designed for animation, and as an underline to draw emphasis in messaging.

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A Unifying Brand Platform

The brand’s FINE-distilled strategic vision coheres the company inside and out. It starts with a shared purpose—enhancing patient lives—that aligns with life science companies. It extends to the firm's values, distinctions, and position that unifies messaging and builds the brand’s traction to lure great customers and staff. A thoughtful simplification of brand architecture merges all Mercalis offerings under one comprehensive offering that elevates the company’s business and human impact.

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Digital Delivers the Promise

The integrated brand is on full display in the industry’s most visually, functionally, and verbally compelling website. Behind the smooth dynamics and bold modern look, information architecture conveys the full service continuum and clear benefit propositions for partners, providers and patients. Visualized numbers appeal to an industry steeped in data, lifecycle infographics convey end-to-end support. Thought leadership elevates via news, resources and educational content. Content drives brand impression and organic search alike. Lead gen tools drive qualified and insightful inquiries. In short, the FINE site embodies “Navigate Complexity. Accelerate Value.”

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Once-In-a-Lifetime Launch Opportunity

To capture all the momentum of a momentous brand launch, our agency crafted an integrated plan to reach 100% of stakeholders and build buzz across search, social, email, and paid channels. Content and messaging was developed to appeal to employees (via town hall presentation, manager materials, intranet, email, logo swag, and events), and customers (word-of-mouth previews, talking points, emails, site rebrand center, sizzle reel video, sponsored content, tradeshow presence, collateral). It all culminated in a launch day “reveal” that made positive noise in the industry and, more importantly, resonated strongly with staff and customers.

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