Norton is among the world's top 3 consumer software brands. Their influence and channels span far and wide. So does the need to keep a vast array of channels informed of product plans and milestones. Enter the Norton Roadmap: an invaluable software tool for charting software releases and empowering the thousands of people who need to know.

With Norton Roadmap, stakeholders connect securely and effortlessly to always know what's next from Norton.

A user friendly gantt-like schedule view keeps the audience tuned to dates and milestones. Interact with it to see product detail pages that reveal specific feature function plans and dates. The FINE content delivery platform enables easy edits, with users and permissions controlled securely by a central admin.

The Feel of a Consumer Product

The intent was to shape a tool that informs the thousands of people responsibly for building, selling, re-selling, and marketing consumer software. And the best way to do that is to make something that feels as friendly as a consumer product in its own right, with a brand identity, UI, and iconography that speak to its audience in one voice.