We Have Seen the Future And It Is Mojo.

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Mojo Vision Digital Branding

FINE client Mojo is guiding us all into a new era of invisible computing that helps people quite literally see more possibilities than ever.

Mojo Lens is a smart contact lens with a built-in display that gives you timely information in real-world context. Designed by future-focused technologists, medical experts, and vision scientists, the applications and implications of the Mojo Lens truly boggle the mind.

<We pause here, while you unboggle your mind.>

Above all, the Mojo Lens holds the promise that this technology, unlike most others today, can help keep us all more engaged with the real world, rather than distract us from it. You’ll be able to look the world in the eye, and do more than you’ve ever imagined.

FINE worked with the Mojo team to tell the story, culminating in an initial online destination that introduces the power and boundless potential of the technology, and introduces you to the thoughtful experts behind it, while welcoming third party developers and investors as partners in realizing the promising tech company’s vision.

Through the website’s scroll-based animation, we see early real-world use cases of people using Mojo Lens insights to reach their potential, to enhance business relationships, augment outdoor experiences, and overcome vision impairments. It’s powerful stuff.

See the site here. And check back often over the next 2 years to see how the Mojo vision extends and goes to market.

For an even deeper dive, trip on over to FastCo or Wired.

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