Hotel Spero - Hotel Exterior Signage

Hotel Spero

Hotel Spero occupies a historic building and a special place in San Francisco history. Along with a renovation, the hotel needed reinvention to honor the neighborhood and philanthropic legacy of former owner Lizzie Glide. Comprehensive brand strategy — naming, positioning, experience mapping, messaging, identity, and collateral — centered on the purposeful pursuit of true well-being, mind, body, and spirit.

Being Well and Doing Good

The name was chosen to signify hope and inspiration. A new interior design with Spanish colonial details inspired visual identity. Thin lines and branded patterns throughout invite reflection. A modern typeface expresses openness, and a quiet, earth-tone color palette evokes the warm, relaxing guest experience. Printed using natural materials, collateral is mindful of waste, leaning on texture and spot gloss for visual interest. The brand leaves guests feeling recharged and able to share their well-being with the world.