ECI Healthcare Partners

Emergency Consultants, Inc. is a national leader in the healthcare staffing and management industry, focusing on the critical need to recruit talented physicians and healthcare professionals, provide integrated management solutions for that staff, and deliver superior billing and coding services for institutions.

A Unified Suite of Brands

The first challenge was to organize multiple companies into one intuitive brand family. The approach crafted an identity standard to connect the service brands under one master brand umbrella, with a look and feel to reflect the flexible and complementary nature of the partnership.

A Shared Digital Experience

The partner businesses live together in a single digital site experience. ECI Healthcare Partners carries the integrated solution story and benefits, while each service brand has its own distinctive landing area and micro-site. A robust career search feature is a functional proof-point of the ECI Healthcare Partners brand promise. Add a complex Google API integration, and its iPad event companion, and you've got a prescription for recruitment success.

SEO, Content, and Design in Harmony

FINE SEO strategists crafted a keyword strategy and segmented content for the cascade of service variations possible in ECI's solution offerings. The content strategy came to life in an elegant marriage between search optimized content architecture and intuitive user experience. The result is equally as effective in generating links from search as in supporting the distributed ECI sales team with an online selling tool.