Multilingual Responsive Website

DCM is a venture capital firm with over $2.5 billion under management that has invested in 200+ technology companies across the U.S. and Asia. With offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Tokyo, DCM needed a web presence to aggregate their far-reaching, global network of tech entrepreneurialism into one visually engaging, content-rich package.

Driven By Content

A tile-based design organizes digestible visual ads that commingle news, investment announcements, company features, social media, spotlight case studies, stock info and more. Each time the site is loaded, the tiles re-shuffle with fresh content. A robust, custom content management system helps keep the site updated.

Localized and Multilingual

A CMS-enabled localized user experience further connects DCM’s global reach. Geo-location pinpoints user location to update the site language. Once on the site, users can switch languages by clicking on animated time zone clock widgets created just for DCM.

Responsive. On So Many Levels.

Importantly, the site delivers a slick, seamless responsive experience across all devices. With a nod to DCM’s signature bold color palette, the site creates a totally revamped, modern gathering place for the fast-paced technology community they’ve helped create.

"It looks great! Thanks for your hard work! What an improvement!"