Canon 13 branding

Canon 13 Wines

Inspired by California’s Central Coast landscapes, Canon 13 Wines are an expression of a lifestyle, paying homage to the state’s history and colonization. Wines are a “true devotion,” featuring only Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, crafted by the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation. Canon 13’s new website evokes the simplicity of the mission by introducing users to the place that inspired it, leveraging iconography to drive brand awareness and terroir recognition.

On a Simple Mission

The responsive build is a seemingly simple expression of a time and a place, with a style both fresh and rustic that uses vibrant imagery and modern video modals. The experience effortless, and the introduction straightforward. For a new brand, it’s both a test and a testament—how a region, and the brand, nurtures something that’s actually quite elusive and delicate.