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Apple Video

Apple ranks at the top of every brand study, on the strength of the mass adoption of their iPhone, iPad, and Mac products. With millions upon millions of these devices in the hands of users around the world, they turn to FINE to help communicate what users can do with them.

Apple Tunes Into Video

Through the iPhone Quick Tips, iPad How To’s, and Mac Tips, FINE has produce hundreds of useful video modules that enable users around the world to get the most of theirApple devices. It’s like accessing the Genius Bar to get your questions answered, wherever, whenever you like. As long as there’s access to iTunes.

Peeling Back The Process

Behind the scenes, what goes into these productions is what you’d expect: an exhaustive and meticulous planning, casting, production and editing process to arrive at a finished product worthy of the Apple mark. Custom solutions for making the devices look, feel, and operate smoothly on camera abound.

Creativity + Productivity

The intent is always to show how real users across myriad industries and needs use their Apple devices to enrich their business and their lives. As with all Apple advertising and communication, the benefit shines through.