AmericStructurepoint branding situated within a city shopping center and roundabout

American Structurepoint

Established in 1966, American Structurepoint has earned an international reputation for work in a variety of disciplines and markets throughout the built environment. Integrated Planning, Engineering, Architecture, IT and Forensic Investigation services unite with a mission to improve the quality of life for the communities and people they serve. It’s a community-minded brand worthy of the larger audience a world-class digital destination attracts.

A Voice of Confidence Across Disciplines

The site rebrands the firm with a bold, confident voice born of thoughtful design, functional, and content approaches. Each of the firm's multiple disciplines emerges through project photography accompanied by both simple wayfinding words and one-sentence, mission-based headlines. A bold, geometric sans serif typeface amplifies the messages and modernizes the look.

Deceptively Simple in Look, Feel, Function

A clean, modern aesthetic elevates the work, history, and awards. Meanwhile, meticulous layout and site navigation corral a large number of projects and services to demonstrate the breadth of the firm's work and its impact on communities. Sophisticated project filter functionality allows users to sort projects by sector, service, and sub-service within business units. Global search functionality enables search by keyword that delivers results across all site sections.

Integrated Projects and Business Units on Display

Multiple photo galleries were constructed flexibly enough to showcase both hero and secondary projects, accommodating a range of imagery that fits projects of varied imagery needs—from big and bold to simple and understated—with consistency. A custom CMS powers it all, and extends to business units that deliver “like” information, creating a more holistic, integrated experience that parallels the firm's service.

Responding to Complexity

The site's greatest accomplishment lies in distilling a great number of projects, business units, and complex information into a single branded experience backed by a custom CMS. Nowhere is that more important than in the demands of responsive design, where the firm's content and imagery all adapt seamlessly down to the smartphone screens and browsers so prevalent among their key customers. This simplicity paves the way for the firm's impact on quality of life to emerge.