Chateau Ste Michelle: Small Screens and Big Data

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Continuing the multi-year rollout of Ste Michelle Wine Estates tools and touch points, you can now dial up the Chateau Ste Michelle website from your smart phone at The content and design is pared down and tailored to the medium, allowing for a simplified map, events, tours and other information you might need if you were literally on your way for a visit (hands on the wheel there, buddy). It facilitates channel partners who might be looking for tasting notes, and sharing of event and product info in social media, not to mention clicking on over to Ticketmaster for tickets to the concert series. Look for some added features, like the ability to run QR code-based promotions, in the near future.

The multi brand Ste Michelle Wine Estates ecosystem (detailed here), with a central CMS that can serve as the data repository for a host of front end interfaces is increasingly the right approach to digital branding. It not only permits the mobile site version above to run from the same data as the website, it can also drive tools digital world-wide, like the new Chateau Ste Michelle Facebook tab focused on the summer concert series at!/stemichelle

Smartphones are selling at about a billion a year clip and set to eclipse what we used to call computers as the main method for viewing the Internet before you know it. And we all know the gaudy stats about how many people use Facebook. So this suite of Ste Michelle Wine Estates tools is a good example of how we'll likely be increasingly encouraging clients to keep their data central and plan to stay nimble in evolving the touch points with their customers.


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