FINE's "The Drum" Series Focuses on Industry Craft

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Craft is so much more than mustache wax, fancy salts, and bare bulb lighting. In a new series for The Drum that focuses on industry craft, FINE Partner and Chief Strategist Josh Kelly looks at how a craft mindset can influence all aspects of branding, from how products are made, to how services are delivered, and (most of all) how creatives are guiding the story.

“People who should be using the word ‘craft’ have a long story to tell,” says Kenn Fine. “The story of real craft is a long hallway with a lot of doors off it where you can get delightfully lost. The story of superficial craft is an alluring door that opens to a regrettably shallow broom closet.”

From The Drum: Crafting brands: A modern mindset with a deep past.

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