Three men tasting wine in a study seen through a mirror

Francis Ford Coppola Presents

A man of many appetites and inspirations, famed director Coppola has launched successful wine, food, travel, and publishing brands that reflect his refined tastes. Each is branded distinctly, yet ultimately united under a single carefully crafted umbrella brand.

Francis Ford Coppola Presents

As is so often the case, a website provides an ideal platform to unify brands. Here, the range of Coppola products are spotlighted with dramatic, cinematic images of the good life. Navigation to constituent brands is via a menu that emerges upon interaction and then slips back behind the images, establishing a strong master brand, while allowing a launch point to the many sub-brands it supports.

Niebaum-Coppola: A Story Both Old and New

A reinvention of the venerable Niebaum-Coppola brand centers on a website that uses black and white imagery that transitions to color in selected areas to hint at the story. It’s a site, and a brand, that blends old and new seamlessly. Attention to small elements of cinematic imagery transitions (supported by robust back-end technology) proves the point.

Coppola Resorts: Destination Previews

A trip to Belize or Guatemala is a long, costly leap of faith. Word of mouth is essential, but so is an immersive website that makes you feel the full romance of the location. These sites use analog "scrapbook" materials to represent Coppola’s personal gatherings from his locations to bring prospective guests into the experience. It's a brand-forward approach, yet it helped move resort occupancy from 60% to 98% within a few months.

Sofia Mini: Poetry in a Can

Coppola's revolutionary sparkling wine in a can is named for his artistic daughter. Working in collaboration with Creative Director Gundolf Photenhauer whose photography is featured throughout, the brand's site speaks to artistic inspiration by bringing the familiar magnet poetry game into the digital world. Amid scenes of Sofia’s youthful, social exuberance, the poetry generator creates a viral campaign where visitors can craft messages and share with friends just as they might share a secret.

Mammarella: Welcome to the Family

The Mammarella brand is more than a consumer packaged good - it's an invitation to the Coppola family table. This line of premium organic pasta and sauces pays visual and textural respect to the Old Country, and to the family's matriarch and provider of delicious food.