Accel Partners

Accel Partners is perhaps the world’s largest venture capital firm. Their long roster of technology investments includes Spotify, Cloudera, ComScore, Etsy, Groupon, Rovio/Angry Birds,, and, most notably, Facebook. The net effect of their FINE site is the first consolidated look at the Accel Partners brand and the profound impact their companies have made on the global economy.

Partnership-Forward Design

What’s driven Accel through the years is not so much a focus on their own brand, but on the companies they support. Their FINE website offers a structural reinforcement of that partnership approach, with description of Accel pared down to a bare minimum, and the companies and people (along with some of the news they make together) at the forefront of the visual-driven design and content.

"Great job, FINE. The new site really captures the Accel Partners brand, and we enjoyed the process along the way."

Inviting Interaction

Functionally, the new design centers on Home, Companies, and People pages with flexible and dynamic rollover tiles, filtered from a central content management system. The site’s behavior invites sorting and visual interaction, down to a custom algorithm that determines tile position as the screen resizes to fit browsers, including tablets. Landing pages for global offices and (fittingly) a unique Facebook update “drawer” then create clear calls to action and dialogue.