XOJET competes in the rarified air of private aviation, serving celebrities and captains of industry whose time, security, and safety are at a premium. Their innovative sharing economy and subscription programs, paired with service and operational par excellence, make XOJET the smartest option for a new era of on-demand flights. Their new digital destination forms the handshake that matches clients to jets, programs, and experiences as never before.

Man walking down airplane stairs with breif case

The Most-elevated of Aviation Brands

Balancing immersive imagery with functional, lightweight vector graphics conveys a visceral sense of the flying experience XOJET provides. It's a look and feel that conveys their services' ease. Full-bleed images transport viewers into their planes' environments. The modern, app-like graphical touches bring a digital era sense of innovation and simplicity.

A Flight Program Matchmaker

Site functionality augments XOJET's vaunted personal service. A visually engaging, user-friendly widget serves as means to initially survey the innovative membership programs that make XOJET a better option than owning whole or fractional jets. The first taste of XOJET's high-end service comes in the digital medium, culminating in a handoff to a high-touch Aviation Advisor.

XOJET Program Assistant booking process selection

Jets for All Occasions

The most-tangible demonstrations of XOJET's value proposition come in the visuals of the aircraft fleet and in the simple "Jet Picker" selection tool. The basic premise is, "Why own some fraction of a single jet when you can access an entire fleet?" The Jet Picker drives that home by empowering flyers to select based on distance and preference, then explore images and specs for all the planes at your disposal.

Simply Integrated

Digital forms like Book Now, Program Assistant, and white paper downloads draw from API and database sources to make connections with airport data, post to marketing automation tools, and ultimately leverage social media profiles to populate data. The intent is to smooth the path through to XOJET’s dedicated Aviation Advisors, and set the stage for digital features to come.

Birds of a Feather

XOJET's online and in-flight experience extends beyond aviation and into travelers’ destinations and experiences they enable. Profiles of XOJET's highly desirable brand marketing partners add breadth to XOJET’s programs, highlighting subscription value-adds and the access advantages that come with membership.