Person walking in sunflower field wearing Woodbrook t-shirt

A Vision for Woodbrook

Woodbrook is a newly envisioned community inspired by Scandinavian concepts of living well. Tucked into the countryside on the outer edges of Vancouver, WA, Woodbrook embraces indoor coziness and comfort while emphasizing a connection to the outdoors and the surrounding natural environment.

Botanical Touchpoints

English country cottage meets Pacific Northwest craftsman in a visual identity that pairs clean, contemporary lines with detailed botanical illustrations. Touches of spring green combine with woodsy brown to bring the identity to life. The visual system creates a feeling that’s curated, calm, and natural—a perfect fit for this idyllic community.

Woodbrook Brand Experience on clipboard with floral soft focus background
Flower meadow with trees in the background
Woodbrook Logo
Woodbrook color palette, typography, and logo treatments
Woodbrook Brand Book

Woodbrook is Nature

The community centers on wellness and invites residents to seek peace and find balance in their lives. The ecology and history of the land inspired the name of the community—Woodbrook evokes a close connection to both the calming and energetic sides of nature.

Woman yoga pose
Woodbrook metal mug
Woodbrook tote bag
Person wearing Woodbrook t-shirt in a meadow

Simple, Holistic Living

Residents of Woodbrook experience a peaceful pause from the bustle of everyday life. There are varied opportunities to stay healthy and energized, and the community is dotted with spaces and places for residents to come together naturally. Replete with lush landscapes, a Happiness Garden, and winding forest trails, the community is ready for exploration. Connection—whether it’s to nature or community or even the self—is effortless here.

Woodbrook Cook Book
Outdoor dining area
Botanical image library
Happiness garden signage

Woodbrook is the shared vision of The Holt Group and FINE. Holt is a Washington-based residential home builder with a long, successful history in land development and construction.