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Western Athletic Clubs

Headquartered in San Francisco, Western Athletic Clubs (WAC) owns and operates the finest health, fitness, and athletic clubs and sports resorts on the West Coast. They are considered among the leading private-club companies in the United States, renowned for a commitment to community and the general mandate of “enhancing people’s lives.”

The Mission: One Club

The website's mission was to unify a brand that stretches across many existing properties and lines of business, and set the stage for more to come.

The WAC website introduced and positioned the WAC brand, set the stage for multi-club membership plans, and serves as the philanthropic hub for the WAC brand to this day.

Eight Brands, One Engine

Under this umbrella, 8 distinctive websites support clubs up and down the west coast with localized appeal and content, while promoting a underlying brand essence that remained closely aligned with the larger WAC family.

The back-end technology is a common platform of content management and application modules that allows each club management to independently update site content with no technical know-how.

Centralized Scheduling

A flexible and dynamic scheduling engine allows members to create personalized club schedules based on their specific day/time/interest preferences. These schedules are then easily printed and delivered from the website. An events engine allows club and even departmental control over event- and promotion-based web content.

Operational Planning

Lastly, a module makes it easy for program directors and exercise instructors to nimbly load personal bio information onto the site, and even connect them to specific classes, enabling users to dive deep into class details and even read up on the instructor for those classes. Most clubs allow members to access the sites at kiosks deployed in one or more locations on their property.