Ships masts against the sky

Website, Blog and CMS

Weathergage Capital is the investor’s investment firm – a “fund of funds” providing institutional investors with access to Silicon Valley’s top tier venture capital and growth equity marketplace, and the acumen to tap into the right opportunities at the right times.

Weathergage is a nautical term that indicates a favorable position relative to the wind. In the Age of Sail, a ship that “had the weathergage” had a great advantage because it better controlled the time and sequence of battle.

Harnessing "Winds Of Change"

Imagery plays with the idea of harnessing the wind – you can’t control it, but if you understand its implications you can better control where it takes you. A fitting metaphor for the global economy and its continuous waves of innovation. A “Winds of Change” Blog sets the stage for Weathergage partners to provide perspective within the strict new SEC limitations/regulations.

Extending The Digital Brand

Each Partner has an individual voice, and together they provide a firm-wide perspective. HTML E-mail, Powerpoint, and other digital marketing collateral complement the site as well. Some subtle refinement to corporate identity standards and color palette and logo usage help to further bolster the image. The social web arena also received a FINE refresher.