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Total Health

Total Health is the #1 provider of free oncology medical information in the country. This dedicated team of visionaries works to organize industry-respected conferences that unite practitioners and patients to share cutting edge information on cancer care. Guided by deep values and commitment to care, Total Health’s new website simplifies the conference and discovery process, connecting healthcare practitioners and patients with ease along the way.

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Aligning Preferences with Experience

A streamlined conference calendar helps attendees find the right event for their needs. An evolved category index helps attendees plan based on travel preferences. Each conference has an easy-to-follow content flow to highlight key information such as speakers, hotel information, conference agendas, and more, delivering a one-stop shop for all conference information.

Homepage of the website
Conference landing page of the website

Human-Centered Content

Well-organized content indexes provide practitioners with the resources they need to succeed, while giving patients compassionate, medically-accurate information as they navigate challenging diagnoses. Within practitioner resources, categories organize medical education resources into intuitive buckets, and enable easy access to industry accreditation. For patients, landing pages for each resource topic provide human-centered messaging that helps establish trusted relationships.

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Patient resources landing page of website
Screenshot from website showing the total health 'about us' blurb and logos of accolades they have recieved

A Dynamic Identity & Vision

Website content speaks to the passionate mission and team who bring their full selves to work every day. They are leaders, partners, and change agents in the continuously evolving industry of medical education. The brand identity expresses this dynamism with color, font, imagery and logos that represent Total Health’s unique, whole-hearted approach.

Active Storytelling, Seamless Experience

The Total Health website captures the essence of their service-oriented, values-driven approach. Leveraging Squarespace, the website brings their healthcare brand to life with an efficient CMS while utilizing our strategy, design, and tech teams to stretch the product to its fullest potential.

Mobile screenshot of website, showing the Exhibit With Us page
Mobile screenshot of website, showing upcoming conferences feed
Two screenshots of the website