The Overland branding on a view of the Oregon Coast

The Overland

The Overland is an entirely new experience in multifamily residential living. Surrounded by the wonder of the Pacific Northwest, the property puts adventure at the center of a community built for residents who are seeking the ease of suburban living while being within reach of everything the city has to offer. Located in Tigard, Oregon, The Overland is a residential experience that offers an unmatched quality of life with a focus on providing residents with the space, convenience, and inspiration they need to go out and explore.

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Overland prides itself on its ability to inspire those who love to wander. Residents are given a restful, authentic home base that supports active lifestyles and motivates them to explore their natural surroundings. The unique property location allows residents to take advantage of premium access to the greater PNW by quickly hopping on one of three nearby thoroughfares to escape to whatever is calling them, whether it’s the mountains, ocean, desert, or wine country.

Heterosexual couple hanging out in a van on a rural road
A Surfer walks on a coast beach, people foraging for mushrooms, hikers on an alpine mountain, person in snowy cabin
Hiker on a cliff overlooking an impressive valley
A heterosexual couple embrace while gazing out a beautiful valley view
View of a large waterfall with photographer's legs sticking out into the void

From Coastline to Alpine

Drawing inspiration from the prolific mountains and enthralling coastlines of Oregon and Washington, the wordmark offers subtle cues (like the rolling “O” and upward angles) that hint at what adventures await. The organic letterforms and contour mark of The Overland stem from the name’s definition: “[over·land] (adj.) going or accomplished over the land.” The Overland color palette uses a combination of complementary muted tones inspired by the landscape of the Pacific Northwest to create a warm and approachable feel.

Hikers on a rocky mountain top with an expansive mountain and valley view in the distance
The Overland "From Coastline to Alpine" Alternate Logo

The Adventure Community Experience

Every perk and amenity offered at The Overland was intentionally designed to engage and strengthen each resident’s way of life, both inside and outside the home. A fitness center helps prepare tenants for their next adventure, while a state-of-the-art multipurpose mudroom provides outdoor gear storage and a washing station upon their return. The compelling spirit of nature shared through a collection of maps, a library of guidebooks, and an online Adventure Concierge fosters inspiration for trip planning. Simple loading areas make it easy to pack up and unload vehicles. The Overland gives tenants incredible access to the outdoors and encouragement to explore it.

The Overland Brand Book Table of Contents
View of Multnomah Falls Waterfall in Oregon
The Overland Brand Book Spread
The Overland Brand Book Resident Journey Spread

From Attraction to Inspiration

To enhance the resident experience, The Overland brand application extends into the property via wayfinding, reflecting the stratification of the earth. From multi-dimensional visuals, all the way to the guest move-in kit and beyond, consistent use of the brand creates a unified look and feel. Complementing the identity system, FINE developed a series of outdoorist essentials provided to tenants as a means of activation, utility, and swag-swinging brand pride.

Daring hiker on a stone bridge high above the coastal rocks below
The Overland branded tote
The Overland Branded Stationery System
The Overland branded mug held out at arms length with out of focus water feature in background
Forest trail with afternoon sunrays shining through the tree branches

The Overland was brought to life by a team of collaborators invested in creating a true Pacific Northwest Outpost for residents seeking an adventurous approach to apartment living. The project team includes FINE, SKB, Canyon Partners, SERA, and Greystar.