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The $2.8 Trillion real estate industry is among the final e-commerce frontiers. While strong brands have emerged to help consumers simply browse homes, only Ten-X facilitates the actual transaction process. Using a proven auction.com platform that’s transacted billions in distressed property, and an investment from Google Venture, Ten-X launched at SXSW with ambitious plans to change the way we buy and sell real estate. Key to the vision is an employer and digital brand that recruits customers, employees, and industry influencers to join the mission.

Informing a Vision

An in-depth discovery and strategy phase drew upon interviews with key stakeholders, a competitive review, and third party research to help shape the vision, mission, and message. The result focused the vision on migrating the company position to its rightful place among leaders in the collaborative, shared economy

"You should be able to buy and sell a house without needing a whole room for the paperwork."

Making online real estate real changes the state of real estate. The same brand appeal that attracts customers attracts employees. Like other industries transformed by the Internet, Ten-X uses technology to help people do real estate better, make it easier, keep it simpler.

Real Estate’s Most Coveted Online Address

Layered atop the workhorse product site that enables real estate transactions across residential, commercial, and wholesale channels is the website that answers the critical question of the brand and people behind the scenes. The corporate brand and career portal tell that story with simple clarity, backed up by a CMS and responsive construction that adapts to all the screen sizes of the modern digital consumer.