Tectonic brand identity


Established in 1986, Tectonic Engineering and Surveying Consultants has earned a reputation for practical solutions and exceptional service, a ranking among the Engineering News-Record’s Top 500 Design Firms since 2001, and key roles in the highest-profile U.S. projects, like the rebuilding at the World Trade Center site. A brand refresh brought forward Tectonic’s industry stature, modernizing it for the ever-changing built environment it inhabits.

Advancing the Identity

A new identity leverages a clean, sans-serif typeface for a bold, confident presence. The thicker stroke weight creates a feeling of company resilience and endurance, strong in its foundation, yet modernized. Emulating Tectonic’s established color palette, a refresh leans into a lighter and brighter teal for a visual pop against a darker gray. The result is a balanced identity that stands up against any established brand, while elevating it a touch beyond with an innovative spirit.

Business Building

In an industry that’s all about its network and relationship building, subtle graphic elements across the business system, like a guiding gray bar, highlight important contact information for ease of access. Minimally clean and visually balanced, the system is hardworking in its subtlety, spanning business cards, letterhead, proposals, annual reports, and construction signage.

Fresh Framing

Inspired by an engineer’s square, an icon paired with the mark forms right angles with upward movement. Intersecting lines of different shades merge to create dimension and depth and draw the eye to the top-right corner as a metaphor for growth. The icon can be mirrored against itself to form a T across branded materials, or repeated as a textual pattern for visual interest. The full lockup pulls in the firm’s tagline as a central promise — a sweeping introduction, all within the first brand touchpoint.

All Wrapped Up

As prominent a branded-business touchpoint to the industry as business cards, car decals and wraps for survey vans, trucks, and sedans display the refreshed branding in all its four-wheel glory. While pacing the logo, contact information, and services across the varied-size vehicles, placement was strategically thought-through for areas most-visible to other drivers on the road. Whether on a card, a construction site, or a car, Tectonic’s brand refresh is a scalable system for shifting as their industry does.

"We love the rebranding. Both our employees and clients took notice, and it's also helped grab the attention of new clients. Thanks to FINE for doing a great job."

— Donald Benvie, President and CEO, Tectonic Engineering & Surveying