SunRun Home

SunRun Home

There’s a big future in sunshine, and nothing makes it seem brighter than the launch of SunRun makes it easy to go solar even if you don’t have a PhD in green tech or an MBA in finance.

Brand Refinement

Interest in solar is high, but inertia reigns as consumers struggle through the logistics and look for trusted companies. SunRun asked FINE to help answer demand with an enhanced brand online and a simple, compelling window into their product offering.

The first step included a quick corporate identity update. But the primary re-brand was digital, creating a richly informative and warmly inviting online environment.


Educational Sale

In categories with steep learning curves, sites often load visitors down with immediate content oversaturation. The SunRun site unfolds based on user actions. Those interested in detailed content can easily find it; those who prefer to wade in as casual skimmers get digestible solar power background at their own pace.

The art of carrying a visitor from initial search query through landing page through to conversion requires careful attention and a commitment to evolution.