Stripes Group

Stripes Group

Stripes Group is a boutique growth equity firm, with a unique and highly “invested” approach to investing. Entrepreneurs themselves, they maintain close relationships with all of their portfolio companies and go “all-in” toward the growth and strength of each.

The Little Details Behind Big Potential

Their new digital presence, in the form of a fully responsive web and mobile site, is people-centric, with colorful imagery of the Stripes team and their entrepreneur counterparts in action during “sleeves rolled up” candid moments. Small design details, like careful use of black and white with colorized rollover states, gives the site an informal feel and allows for the brand’s signature green to pop in selective use.

Capital Made Personal

Ample room is devoted to the story of their partners, and to connections to portfolio company social and news items in the dynamic Press section. Bold FINE-written headlines establish personal rapport, and a custom data delivery system makes it easy to keep site content fresh and relevant throughout.

"We invest in brands that we love."

A responsive website, powered by a custom FINE data delivery solution across the full spectrum of desktop and mobile devices, showcases Stripes Group’s enthusiasm for helping entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

It's a digital demonstration of the firm's keen awareness of what works in digital, and an appreciation for the power of branding – two areas of common ground Stripes shares with its select partners.