Sell Sheet Presentation Builder

Ever wish every sales person in your organization would use the same branding, and consistent data and story, when presenting to their prospects? To most organizations, it remains a mystery how to keep things standardized, up to date, and accessible by the entire sales force. Not to mention the challenge of keeping everything at their digital fingertips, and not buried in a chain of versioned PowerPoint files.

A New Trade Standard

The challenge has been solved by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, a national leader in the wine industry. Their new FINE tablet-friendly web application pulls from data-stores already intrinsic to their digital infrastructure to dynamically generate custom presentations ready for primetime.

Custom PDFs ready for print. Multiple layouts for varying sales scenarios. Brand overviews to introduce their world-class product line. Instant delivery from the press room to the front-lines of the sales force. All these are par for the course now, with the new Sell Sheet Presentation Builder.