Robert Hidey Architects

Robert Hidey Architects

Their trail of award-winning designs speaks to their talent as architects, but the fact that they have delivered such exceptional design work within the production housing realm makes their accomplishments even more remarkable. Robert Hidey has a nationwide reputation for a residential design style that borrows from the past to add innovative and unexpected twists in the present.

After decades in business during which referrals were their only lifeblood, Hidey selected FINE to design and build its first ever website.

Identity + Website + Business System

It starts with a dramatic, expandable and scalable portfolio of images highlighting their work. This portfolio includes advanced personal tour functionality, and a password-protected site experience so only those “in the know” get the deep dive into all the Robert Hidey project details (which also helps to ward off nosy competitors).

The site is backed by a refined content management system that allows for updating now and into the future.

The site design was supplemented with a stationery project to unify their offline brand with a newfound online presence that helped visually define the company for the first time ever.