Remick Associates

Website and CMS

Where flying in rare building materials from around the world (sometimes more than once) is the  quality standard, it sounds like a job for Remick Associates. Remick’s bespoke custom home design and build services are tailored for today’s hardest-to-please home buyers and builders.

A Brand Refreshed

Beginning with a brand discovery, FINE refreshed the Remick Associates identity, and breathed new life into their business system, collateral and digital presence. The printed system is a thoughtful extension of the digital brand, delivering a translated print palette and finishing touches to the hands of potential clients.

I love the elegance, sophistication and ease of use. It truly showcases and demonstrates Remick's attention to the details and shows our capabilities to the entire world.

Bespoke Service and Quality

The site is a perfect embodiment of the world-class quality and unsurpassed attention to detail Remick dedicates to every step of their process. View the highly selective project assortment, read the full FINE-crafter story of the process, or sit back and marvel at the full-screen galleries.

Grand Scale Projects for All Scale Screens

The site is built for viewing content in substantially full-screen format, from home page to galleries, optimized for native and tablet. A content delivery system on the back-end enables new work and content to push live and digital with the stroke of a few keys.