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Pruf Cultivar

The next phase in the cannabis revolution calls for brands on par with high-end consumer products, to grant “permission” to a new wave of consumers, and raise the industry bar. From brand strategy and marketing positioning, name, tagline, and identity, through a roadmap of key tactics, FINE’s compass-heading helped Pruf Cultivar lead the charge with its brand of high-tech, high-class, high-end cannabis.

The Proof is in the Name

The high-tech, high-end brand strategy begins with an exhaustive process to arrive at a bold, unexpected name and tagline. Together, Pruf Cultivar and Elevated Cannabis imply potent science, provide a clear description, suggest a link between heightened feeling and higher quality. All proof of the industry’s rising standards.

Shaping the Identity

The name takes shape in an identity that would seem at home in a high-end consumer health and beauty brand. Minimalist type, with a macron halo, endorses the science of purity and the cleanroom growing conditions. A short form version evokes chemistry in an ownable graphic element. All detailed in consumer brand-caliber usage guidelines.

The Classic Baggie Reimagined

The package design does for Pruf what Pruf does for the industry - re-inventing the old trope of the contraband baggie for a new era of classy consumer cannabis brands, with high-tech materials, chemical content, and a pure look plucked straight from the cleanroom.

Informed by cannabis technology and authoritative know-how that makes good on the elevated promise, a content strategy and messaging approach centers the story through all channel, with simple stories and infographics that evoke the Periodic Table of Elements to emphasize the point.

Sending A Higher Message

Messaging strategy plays out in advertising with a refined look and and simple story, teasing the new brand promise with a minimalist appeal to attract partners, retailers, and end consumers alike.

Technology Is Where The Brand Lives

Pruf Cultivar delivers on their brand promise with product grown of high tech methods and facilities. Their digital presence looks the part, with sleek, science-inspired visuals, and the framework for a growing body of authoritative content from glossaries to the chemical composition and effects.

Rolled Up Responsively

More digital credibility comes from the site’s smooth rendering on mobile and tablet devices, bringing Pruf points and useful cannabis data in your pocket wherever you go.